Goji for Airlines

Geo-entertainment is the hot new thing in the IFE industry.

When you have Goji photos on your screen saver and GeoRadio narration powering your moving map, you’re giving your passengers an experience they’ll talk about.

Goji and GeoRadio can be enjoyed on the seatback video screen, or on personal devices such as iPads and Android tablets.

on seatback video screens

GeoRadio on seatback video screen

Passengers see Goji and hear GeoRadio
when they choose the moving map.

on personal devices

GeoRadio on tablet

Photos and audio are streamed via the IFE system’s wireless
portal when the user chooses the moving map.

Are your passengers getting the full ride?

What’s that mountain, that lake? What are those circles? What celebrities live there? Something for sports fans. What businesses are headquartered here? Why would anyone live there? There’s a world of stories to tell right outside that window. And every place has a story to tell. We’ve counted over 60,000 of them in the world (at 500 mph).

San Francisco

Aircraft and IFE Systems

Goji and GeoRadio are available on the major IFE systems used in the airline industry. Please contact us and let us know if you're using Panasonic, Thales, or other equipment.

Get Goji by area

Goji covers North America and is being built worldwide.

Get GeoRadio for your top routes from your hub

GeoRadio is available for an annual content fee, scaled by the route-miles it covers. We count the number of flight-hours on each route you order, and don't count when routes overlap others.

Customized for your airline

Goji and GeoRadio are customized for your airline, and include your branded content and messaging. You choose the cities you fly between and we'll provide the show. Our narrators can remind your listeners that your airline is happy to have them aboard.

What about oceans?

If you think we have nothing to say over the oceans, think deeper! There’s ocean life, geology, heroic explorations, pirate raids, naval history, shipwrecks, weather, cod fishing, salt trading, cargo shipping, sea shanties, and vast migrations of people across the waters of the world and what they meant to history.

Your passengers are culture-hoppers.

little plane

They’re curious. They’re interested in people, in business, in history. Understanding other people and places gives you a context of who we are, where we come from, and how we fit in this world. It tells us how we’re different from or the same as people from other places. And when your passengers hear stories about our world, our land, our nation – stories you never knew – they’re elucidated and excited.

A source of ancillary revenue

Goji and GeoRadio can be another revenue stream like other inflight media sales, with click-through links and discreet audio spots playing among the rest of the content. Your inflight magazine includes ads for resorts and hotels, luxury products such as watches, cars and other advertisers. GeoRadio is another platform for these brands to extend their reach, using audio. These ads can be refreshed monthly.


Once you have Goji and GeoRadio on your system, we update the content on a monthly basis.

Contact us to request Goji or GeoRadio for you and your passengers.

How It Works

On airplanes

GeoRadio on planes

Goji/GeoRadio consists of two things: a software application and a content library. The application, a proprietary program based on patented technology,

1. reads location data from the flight data management system of the aircraft;
2. checks location against a database of geo-tagged audio assets
3. creates a playlist of assets pertaining to the aircraft's current position, bearing, altitude, and distance to destination; and
4. serves these assets in a sequence to create a continuously-playing program.

On wireless devices, Goji/GeoRadio resides on your IFE server, and is available when passengers connect to your wireless signal. Passengers hear it by choosing the Moving Map.

On seatback video screens, Goji/GeoRadio either resides on your IFE server or within the setback video screens. Passengers hear it by choosing the Moving Map.


Playlist sample

Sample playlist through Europe

Goji content consists of photographs with metadata.
GeoRadio content consists of audio files. These audio productions typically range from 10 seconds to 3 minutes in length, and include professionally-produced and narrated stories about notable points-of-interest, as well as other useful narration such as commentary about the airplane's position and time to destination, advertisements, or airline-specific branded content.

Content can be customized to the airline, incorporating the airline’s brand name as well as locations and subject matter the airline desires to include.

Gotham Studios is a member of APEX and NBAA.