The Goji Photo Content Library

With Goji as your screen saver, home screen background, or map enhancement,
your passengers see all the cool places you're passing by.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the geo-triggered show: the image changes as you get close to a point-of-interest, or enter within an area-of-interest.

The technology that drives Goji consists of:
 • a library of photos of thousands of places worldwide
 • a plugin to your IFE system that puts geo-relevant photos on your home screen

Screen saver, app, map

Goji is a beautiful addition to your aircraft's ambient entertainment when you integrate it as your screen saver or home screen. You can also choose to have it as:
 • a standalone app the passenger can choose
 • an add-on to your moving map, with an expandable insert or via clickable icons

Rocky Mountains

Beautiful images, fascinating facts

Each photo comes with interesting facts about the point-of-interest: a few lines about what makes it special. This information appears with the photograph, and is provided in a variety of languages that the user can change.

Depending on your IFE system, Goji can be enjoyed on the seatback video screen, or on personal devices such as iPads and Android tablets.

on seatback video screens

GeoRadio on seatback video screen

Passengers see Goji
as part of your in-flight entertainment.

on personal devices

GeoRadio on tablet

Goji is streamed via the IFE system’s wireless
portal when the user chooses it.


Your media team can offer Goji as an advertising opportunity. The ad appears for the duration of the photograph as a banner or link to a browser page.


Customized to your desires

Goji is tailored to your preference: we can create custom points-of-interest for you and your passengers.

Thousands of photos

The Goji content library covers all of North America, Europe and the Middle East, and is expanding throughout Asia and Southeast Asia.

How it works

Goji content resides on your media server. The application reads your location data, selects a photo, and streams it to the screens throughout the cabin.

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Goji sparks the imagination.

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