Goji for Trains

With Goji and GeoRadio, your seat is now a front seat to the show.

Goji and GeoRadio are a new kind of show: location-triggered entertainment. Modern technology has created the ability to do what's never been done before: provide passengers with a guided tour of their journey, from beginning to end, with fascinating stories, news, history, pop culture, events, every mile of the way. And even to update it periodically, to keep it fresh.

We can remind your passengers that the very journey itself (and not just their personal devices) can be a source of entertainment. Stories about the places they pass can ignite their imagination – and, for jaded commuters, bring some of the magic back to traveling.

GeoRadio on train's portal

The Passenger Experience

Goji and GeoRadio are enjoyed on your passenger's personal devices when they log onto your wireless portal.

When a passenger selects a browser, your portal appears, inviting them to log on.

A button next to the moving map says “GeoRadio - Listen here.” When the user clicks the button, audio begins playing through their devices.

The texture of GeoRadio is like a radio station – there are no gaps, and it is constantly playing, even in “boring” zones. The GeoRadio algorithm knows how to “fill time” between points-of-interest, by playing stories that are not point-specific.

How it works

Goji and GeoRadio are add-ons to your html portal, and streamed from your train's wireless server.

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Great for kids

GeoRadio is a window to our history, our nation, our homes. Children spend long stretches gazing at the scenery rushing by. They wonder about the things they see. While they watch the blur of cities, suburbs, farmlands, houses, and rivers, our narrators teach them all about it. They'll learn that every place has a story to tell.

great for kids

Fresh Content

Frequent travelers won't get bored with Goji and GeoRadio, because they are updated with various types of content, such as upcoming events for various localities, such as museum exhibitions or concerts. The GeoRadio team curates this content and uploads audio describing the events.

“This week, it's bumper to bumper at the Philadelphia Convention Center – Catch a glimpse of the automotive industry’s latest creations at the Philadelphia Auto Show.”

“Coming to MetLife Stadium on July 24th – Bon Jovi in concert!”


Once you have Goji and GeoRadio on your system, we update the content on a monthly basis.

Contact us to request Goji or GeoRadio for you and your passengers.

How It Works

GeoRadio on trains

On trains, Goji/GeoRadio is seen when passengers log on to your wireless portal.

The program consists of two things: a software application and a content library, and they are located on the server computer in your train's server car.

The program:

1. reads location data from the same source as the moving map does;
2. checks location against a database of geo-tagged assets
3. creates a playlist of assets pertaining to the train's current location, speed, and distance to destination; and
4. serves these assets in a sequence to create a continuously-playing program.


Goji content consists of photographs with metadata.
GeoRadio content consists of audio files. These audio productions typically range from 10 seconds to 3 minutes in length, and include professionally-produced and narrated stories about notable points-of-interest, as well as other useful narration such as commentary about the train's location and time to destination, advertisements, or railroad-specific branded content.